Atlético, pending the allegations of the AUF by Giménez

Atlético, pending the allegations of the AUF by Giménez

This Monday is the term January 9 that has the Uruguayan Soccer Federationl to present allegations for the rojiblanco Jose Maria Gimenezplayer of the Atletico Madridas well as the other three players filed in the last match of the Qatar World Cup: Godín, Muslera Y cavanni.

A file that has been open since December 5 and that affects the four footballers as well as herself Uruguayan Federation.

On December 15, as we already anticipated in this newspaper, the term that the Uruguayan Federation had to present allegations ended. Date where the Uruguayan Federation responded to the disciplinary body of FIFA requesting an extension of the term of allegations. In fact, in the letter sent by the very Federationas we already told, the date to be able to send this letter was collected as the second week of January.

The answer of FIFA just before the Christmas holidays it was granted, not until mid-January, but until today, Monday the 9th. As we have already explained, the deadlines in the FIFA remain suspended from December 20 until Thursday, January 5: “Local festivities and non-working days will be included in the deadlines. The deadlines will be interrupted between December 20 and January 5.”

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Once I receive it this Monday the FIFAthe investigating judge of the procedure must study all the documentation to transfer to the Disciplinary Commission. Something that will take, at least, between ten and fifteen days. This means that until the end of this month or the beginning of February the possible punishment will not be known.


As we have already been counting in the Sports worldthe file report includes what happened at the end of the match, especially with the withdrawal of the German referee siebert of the playing field. Collect all the details of what happened. Especially in what affects the center of the Atletico Madrid since it records the two offenses to which the Uruguayan international is exposed.

That is to say, the file records both the nudge that the player gave the director of competitions of FIFA like his harsh statements after the cameras. Hence, the file speaks of the violation of the articles 11 and 12 of FIFA Disciplinary Code.

The first related to offensive conduct and violation of the principles of Fair Play, where he speaks of “insulting a natural or legal person in some way, especially through offensive language or gestures” or “adopting conduct that discredits football or the FIFA“. In this case for their demonstrations.

In the case of article 12, incorrect conduct of the players, where the player is exposed to a very harsh sanction according to section K for his reaction with the member of FIFAas we have been counting in Sports world: “at least fifteen matches or an appropriate period of time for assaulting (elbowing, punching, kicking or biting; spitting, hitting, etc.) a match official”.

In the event that it is finally considered very serious, the sanction could affect the participation of the rojiblanco in the domestic competition with the Atletico Madrid. The Uruguayan Federation, Once the resolution is official, you can appeal to FIFA appeal and, ultimately, before the TAS Swiss.

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