Athletes highlight the importance of betting on sports in Chaco

Athletes highlight the importance of betting on sports in Chaco

The National Secretariat of Sports with its policy of decentralization of sports and with the firm commitment to promote sports infrastructure works for the people, has been carrying out several works in Philadelphia such as the construction of the Athletics Track in Philadelphia added to the sports squares also in Loma Plata. Athletes from the aforementioned city highlighted what these works represent and their impact on their community.
Horst Vogt, is a Paraguayan BMX Racing athlete who competed in the Asu2022 South American Games and has the merit of being the first Paraguayan representative of this sport at an international level. He was present at the inspection visit of the works carried out by the Minister of Sports, Diego Galeano Harrison, and spoke of the importance of promoting sports.
“It is incredible to have the first official athletics track in the Chaco, with this track we will train more athletes in the future, which I think is essential for the growth of sports in our country” said Horst Vogt, an athlete from Philadelphia; who in turn highlighted the Government’s commitment to promoting health through physical activity.
In the same way, the Athlete and Coach Freddy Flaming commented that he has been teaching several sports since 1997, lately athletics, which is his favorite sport since he was young and highlighted the importance of having this type of facility for the development of the sport in the department of Boquerón, which will also be used by different athletes from other towns in the region
“Before we competed on mud tracks, we depended on the weather and luck, it was always a very unstable sport for this region of the country since we could not guarantee the events; From now on, athletics events are not canceled for nothing and we can finally work seriously” remarked the coach, thanking them for the support received and committing to promote athletics in the region.
“With the project of training boys to represent us in international competitions, the product was that in Asu we had many athletes from the Chaco, as well as in school games we had many teams from this part of the country and this is an important part of the development Paraguayan sport” he said.
Alexander Villalba, a long jump athlete, at only 15 years old, has already won medals for the country and was also the one who highlighted this important work for his city of Philadelphia and all the neighboring communities.
“It is a very good initiative for the people of the interior because it will help promote sports and specifically athletics, I think it is very good,” said the young man.
He, two consecutive years National Champion and current South American Champion, stressed that the track will promote important events and competitions of the discipline, in addition to publicizing new hidden talents in the cities of Chaco, he added.
The Athletics Track Project in the Department of Boquerón means an important commitment to the sports development of the Chaco region, in addition to enabling athletes from different localities, colonies and indigenous communities, access to a quality sports scene.
This track will be the first in the Paraguayan Chaco, and will respond to motivate the inhabitants of the Western Region of Paraguay to adopt the culture of sports practice and will be made up of the racing area, the jumping areas and the launching areas.
It will be an athletics track approved by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF, for its acronym in English).
sports squares
The athletes also indicated that in the heart of the Chaco, the cities of Filadelfia and Loma Plata, belonging to the Department of Boquerón, already have their Sports Plazas to encourage different sports.
“Football, basketball, volleyball, handball, table tennis, chess and other sports activities can be practiced in the 6 sports squares and it is important because the range is already expanding and the whole community is welcome to practice sports and stay active” added Horts .
The investment for each square establishes the construction of a concrete surface of 35m X 18m; painted with synthetic enamel for sports practices and marked for the disciplines of futsal, basketball, volleyball and handball. Two removable metal volleyball posts, a pair of portable metal goals, two fixed table tennis tables, three fixed chess boards, outdoor gym equipment.
Each plaza will be provided with sports equipment kits that will include basketballs, rugby, soccer, and volleyballs. Volleyball nets, mini soccer goals, basketball hoops, jump ropes, hoop hoops and inflators.

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