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Athlete dies after swallowing a bee while riding a bicycle

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A man identified as Waldonilton de Andrade Reis43 years old, had been riding his bicycle along the beach in Ponta Negra, in Manaus (Amazon)on March 2 of this year, according to the Brazilian newspaper G1.

However, the sporting activity took an unexpected turn after that a bee accidentally entered the athlete’s throat half way, OK with information provided by his family, who spoke about the tragic event.

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According to preliminary reports, Reis suffered anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening allergic reaction, shortly after. As a result of the lack of assistance centers that could attend him on the spot, since the athlete was forced to wait more than 20 minutes before help arrived, during which time his condition worsened substantially.

After the long wait, a firefighter managed to arrive who helped him and tried to revive him, but unfortunately he was unsuccessful. Later, the paramedics arrived. and Waldonilton was taken to a care center about 5 miles away, before transferring him to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU)..

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Despite the best efforts of physicians, Waldonilton de Andrade Reis died last Thursday, March 30. One of his relatives blamed the slow response time, assuring that his brother’s brain had been without sufficient oxygen for around 5 minutes (a time that can last without suffering irreparable damage), while he awaited medical attention.

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