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At what age would non-binary and transgender people retire?

At what age would non-binary and transgender people retire?

The pension reform presented by the President Gustavo Petro brings with it several points that have generated curiosity both in the political sectors and in Colombian society.

One of those nuances is based on the gender approach that the reform has and how it will be applied if it is approved.

(‘Have dignified old age’, key to the pension reform for Petro).

The reform document specifies that the age established to access a pension for cisgender men and women is 62 and 57 years, respectively; as it is in the current system.

In the same way, the articles also make it explicit that people from intersectional groups, such as those belonging to the LGTBIQ+ community and those of non-binary gender are also covered in this new project.

When this law refers to benefits or outstanding marital relationships or cohabitation, it will be understood that they include not only heterosexual relationships, but also those that originate in the LGBTIQ+ community.”, is mentioned in article 4 of the reform document.

(Pension reform: most important proposals of the project).

In the case of non-binary gender people, heto The reform mentions that they will be able to access their pension at the age stipulated for women (57 years).but maintaining the requirement of 1,300 active weeks in the labor market.

This section had already been discussed when the first draft was leaked, since the rrepresentative to the Chamber for Bogotá, Andrés Foreromade mention of the case on his Twitter account.

(Download and consult the text of the pension reform here).

Likewise, it is also mentioned that transsexual people will be able to access their pension if they reach the age established for their gender at the time of retirementalso with the same requirement of quoted weeks.

In the case of non-binary people as an affirmative action, the lowest age established in number one of this article (which specifies that the age to be fulfilled is 57 years) will be applied; and for transsexual people, the age will be that established for the gender you have when you complete the requirements”, specified the reform document.

(Reactions to the filing of the pension reform).


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