At the height of Palmira they study a new mooring for barges

At the height of Palmira they study a new mooring for barges

“It is a need that comes from a long time ago. We are in contact with the Ministry of Transportation and the National Directorate of Hydrography and we believe that a new mooring would be needed to provide more service to a greater volume of barges that are luckily coming to operate at the port of Nueva Palmira”, he argued.

Nueva Palmira “has a huge opportunity for growth, especially for cargo in the region, and for that we have to provide the best service, in infrastructure and operations, that is, a new berth is in line with improving services and we have it.” in a folder,” Curbelo said.

Although it is not yet defined where it would be located, he maintained that “there are a couple of options, either to the south or further north (from where today there is already a berth in front of Nueva Palmira). We have to evaluate it with the Ministry of Transport, which is the one who grants the alveo, but what is clear and there is total agreement is the need to have a new mooring, “said the president of the ANP.

A population that fears barges

A few years ago, more precisely on January 24, 2012, a strong wind of up to 150 kh caused five barges that were located on the Uruguay River near the city of Nueva Palmira to break loose from their moorings and end up stranded. . Four of them ended up on the Brisas del Uruguay beach and the fifth, an Ancap barge for transporting fuel, ended up on Corvacho Beach and ran aground just 15 meters from a house.

Palmirenses do not forget that January morning, it was when they realized the magnitude of the danger of having barges in Uruguay near the city. Since then, the population rejects the fact that there are berths near Palmira.

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