At midnight the elected governor of Junín, Zósimo Cárdenas, installs the Regional Council

At midnight the elected governor of Junín, Zósimo Cárdenas, installs the Regional Council

At midnight, at 00:00 on January 1, 2023, the regional governor of Junín, Zósimo Cárdenas, carried out the swearing-in and inauguration ceremony “in a first part” at the headquarters of the Junín Regional Government in Huancayo.

After receiving the New Year there, the Regional Council was installed to carry out the first session in which they would vote on the transfer of the ceremony to the district of Pichanaqui in the province of Chanchamayo, hometown of the current governor.

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The first session of the Regional Council was held with the councilors Norma Lidia Valdivia Gutiérrez, Alejandro Barreda Arias, Luis Fernando Morales Nieva, Rafael Anderson Gonzales Ureta, Luis Demetrio Basaldúa Rodríguez, Maritza López Cristina, Maribel Edith Valencia Mejía, Ismael Nicómedes Robles Cortéz , Yoner Ambicho Aquino; Yony ​​Ángel Balbín Peña and Lucero Huamancaja (María Martina Maldonado Dorian was not present); After singing the National Anthem and reading the act of proclamation of results of the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections and when the regional governor, Zósimo Cárdenas was about to be sworn in, he took the floor to ask the Regional Council to transfer the swearing-in to the Pichanaqui district, which was unanimously approved.

Immediately, the entire Regional Council, chaired by the Governor and Lieutenant Governor Milagros Maricel Inche Arías, began the trip to the hometown of Cárdenas Muje, who thanked the “predisposition of the Regional Council (…) that they have granted us by history, to transfer the Pichanaqui was sworn in, for which I am very happy and grateful,” he said.

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He also indicated that in Pichanaqui he will give a message of unity, work and change. After giving his good wishes to the population, he assured that he chose Pichanaqui not only because it was his homeland, but because in the last national protest, this was the only point in the region that complied with the strike and human lives were lost, “We want to give them the assurance that we will not fail them (…) Junín has chosen a son born in this part of the region and it is necessary to decentralize, but for that reason I am not going to leave the valley and the mountains aside”, he said.

He referred to the transfer process “(The outgoing management) are trying to hide information and in that there has been a mistake, everything that concerns heritage, we have not had an inventory of all the assets that the Junín region has and we have assigned it on the record,” he said.

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