At least two deaths caused a mine collapse in El Callao, Bolívar state

Until the afternoon of Thursday, June 1, search and rescue work continued at the Isidora mine, in El Callao, due to the collapse of a gold gallery

Text: Jhoalys Siverio / Caroní Mail

Until the afternoon of Thursday, June 1, there was confirmation of the rescue of two corpses that were covered up by the collapse of a mine in El Callao, in the south of Bolívar state, an event that occurred on May 30.

According to official information, the victims found in the Isidora mine were identified as Jesús Diaz, 31; and Herinson Rojas, 23 years old.

A first rescue group made up of eight Civil Protection and Emergency Control officials participated in these tasks. In the second search, which continued in the afternoon, eight artisanal miners also entered.

In another official report, dated May 31, it was reported the rescue of three survivors in the Minerven Caratal-Sosa Méndez road corridor, in El Callao, adjacent to the Los Jubilados mine, La Tigra sector, where some people were reported. cut off by the collapse of an artisanal mine mouth.

The people rescued were José Gregorio Pariaguán, 27 years old; a 16-year-old boy; and José Cortés, 20 years old. The rescue was done under the work of Civil Protection and Municipal Firefighters.

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Affectations by rains in El Callao

Miners, Civil Protection, Firefighters and Emergency Control officials continue to search for other citizens who may still be trapped after the gold gallery collapsed, as a result of the rains last Tuesday, which left at least 10 sectors affected by the flooding of the river. Yuruari.

The sectors affected by the rainfall were Matapalo, Nacupay, Barrio Obrero, El Perú, La Chalana, El Banqueo, Guayabal, Mi Alegría, Panama Sector and Villa Bienaventuranzas. Officially, 450 families were affected by the heavy rains recorded in El Callao and the flooding of the Yuruari River, which hours later dropped in level.

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