At least three houses in Cristo Rey are affected by the rains

At least three houses in Cristo Rey are affected by the rains

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At least three houses, located in the vicinity of the San Luis Court, in the Cristo Rey area, are currently in danger, after being affected by the rains last weekend. A total of 10 people were evicted from their homes, while the Mayor’s Office of La Paz began the controlled demolition of three rooms in two homes.

“Water has accumulated that is not properly channeled and that has started with yesterday’s rain (Saturday) to soak and it is imprisoning, it is affecting six houses. If we do not take prompt measures, this could be a slip of proportions”, warned the mayor, Iván Arias, this Sunday.

The municipal secretary of Comprehensive Risk Management (SMGIR), Juan Pablo Palma, indicated in turn that several houses in the upper part have incorrect management of rainwater and surface water, so they discharge directly to the houses below. . He also said that deteriorated walls were identified, dating back more than 20 years, which led to the collapse of one of the retaining walls last day.

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“In the San Luis sector there is knowledge of an important flow of groundwater, but the deterioration process has also been accelerated by poor drainage of rainwater, inadequately conducted sewage systems, somewhat precarious old houses, (which) caused the Failure of a retaining wall of an individual in the lower part and that resulted in the partial collapse of a house,” Palma explained to Unitel on Monday.

“It is a possible landslide that is reactivating, accelerated by the weather and poor water flow. (…) We are doing the corresponding technical work. In coordination with Epsas, a multi-criteria analysis is being carried out, reviewing all the drinking water and sewage systems,” he added.

The authority indicated that there are three homes that are directly affected. In two of them, the controlled demolition of three environments is being carried out.

Regarding the residents, Palma explained that a total of 10 people from two families were evicted: eight went to the home of relatives after being notified and two were transferred to the headquarters of the neighborhood council. The third home is being constantly monitored, but has not yet been evacuated.

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