At last! As of today, 95 and 91 octane gasoline fell in price, while diesel increased

After months of a continuous increase in the price of fuel, 95 and 91 octane gasoline will experience a reduction in its price this Friday, although diesel will continue the upward trend.

The information shared by the National Secretary of Energy reflects that, in the case of 95-octane gasoline, its price will be reduced by $0.07, costing $1,519 per liter. While the 91 octane will drop by $0.08, reaching $1,405 per liter.

In the case of diesel, its price will be $1,405 per liter, increasing its price by $0.01.

These prices will take effect from this Friday, July 1, for a period of 15 days, in the provinces of Panama and Colon.

If measured in gallons, we have that a gallon of 95 octane gasoline will cost $5.76, reducing its price by $0.27 per gallon. And the 91 octane will drop to $5.19 a gallon, which represents a reduction of $0.31 cents per gallon.

For its part, the gallon of diesel will cost $5.31, increasing its cost by $0.05.

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