ASU2022: The big event is just around the corner

ASU2022: The big event is just around the corner

There are only six days left for the largest international multi-sport event in all of South America, which involves the 15 member countries of ODESUR: Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Curaçao, Ecuador, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

There will be a total of 4,800 athletes competing for the Gold; plus 1,600 officials and coaches, as well as 1,200 referees.


The appointment covers 34 disciplines and 53 modalities:

Aquatics (swimming, artistic swimming, diving, open water, water polo).



Basketball (teams, 3×3).





Canoeing (slalom, speed).

Cycling (BMX, MTB, track, road, BMX freestyle)

Equestrian (dressage, jumping).




Soccer (field, futsal, beach)

Gymnastics (artistic, rhythmic, trampoline).


Field hockey.





Skating (racing, figure skating, skateboarding).






Table tennis.


Sports Shooting (Target, Flight).



Volleyball (floor and beach).

Chess (debut at the ODESUR Games).


The competitions will take place in two venues.

The Paraguayan Olympic Committee (COP), which will have 16 sports venues for the performance in 18 modalities and with an estimated capacity of 13,000 spectators. The National Sports Secretariat (SND) will cover 13 disciplines and 8 stages equipped to accommodate more than 7,500 spectators. Both will concentrate 80% of the sports fairs.

Other competitions, such as those of aquatic sports, for example, will be held in independent venues distributed in various parts of the country.


Paraguayan Olympic Committee (COP), Luque.

National Sports Secretariat (SND), Asunción.


Beaches San Jose, Encarnacion.

Coastal Father Bolik, Encarnacion.

Agua Vista, San Juan del Paraná.


Asuncion Golf Club, Asuncion.

Bay of Asunción – Club Mbigua, Asunción.

Piracema Canal, Itaipu Binational.

National Aquatic Center (CAN), Asunción.

Costanera José Asunción Flores, Asunción.

Paraguayan Equestrian Club, Mariano Roque Alonso.

León Condou Sports Center, Asunción Rakiura Resort, Luque.

Strike Bowling, Lambare.


Tiríka is the symbol of the XII edition of the South American Games. It is a wild cat that inhabits the forests of the western region of our country. Of the wild cats, it is the smallest; capable of surviving the most challenging environments of the Paraguayan Chaco. It is an excellent climber with great agility to move through the trees. It represents joy and passion for sport. Respect the rules of the game and always give your best. It promotes values ​​such as solidarity, respect, camaraderie, friendship and the inseparable alliance between sport, education and culture.


There are 574 athletes who will represent Paraguay in different sports, the second delegation with the largest number. For this round, the goal of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee and the National Sports Secretariat is to reach 50 medals (20 more than in the 2018 Cochabamba Games).

Team Paraguay can also symbolically join the 4,500 volunteers at the country level available to the organization to ensure the success of the event.


The opening ceremony will be held this Saturday, October 1 at the Defensores del Chaco stadium, starting at 8:00 p.m.

It promises to be an unprecedented show, combining the Guarani culture in a great show with the presence of national and international artists. Athletes from the sports delegations of the 15 participating countries will parade in the Defensores gramado, a scene that has witnessed numerous historical moments of sport that made the country vibrate and on this occasion, will host a night that will remain forever in the memory of the Paraguayans.

The national group Kchiporros, together with Tierra Adentro, Néstor Lo y los Caminantes, Milkshake, Kaese and Caja Blanda will perform the official song of the XII South American Games Asunción 2022 “High Dream”, it has contributions from Mauricio Román on bass and drums ; Bruno Méndez with Luis Duarte on guitars, and Maximiliano Bonnin on keyboards, they will be accompanied by 200 dancers with choreographies by the dancers Fusk and Montse Coronel.

A staging that will showcase the potential of more than 400 dancers, including the Ballet Mimbipá and the contemporary dance company Novo Dance Company, a choir of 40 children who will sing one of the most representative songs in the country, among others .

Paraguayan culture will be shining before the eyes of the entire continent where the H₂O orchestra with the world-renowned water harp created by Ambere Felicinageli, whose creation is inspired by one of the most precious natural resources; the water, also the orchestra Sounds of the Earth directed by Maestro Luis Szaran will offer a concert of 50 harps.

An artistic parade will add a touch of glamor to the opening night, dancers will parade wearing haute couture dresses made in ñandutí allegorical to the fauna and flora of our country with designs by prominent national designers. The Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreira will close this artistic number.

The main international artistic presence will be given by the pop-urban star Tini Stoessel. The full staging is the creation of director Nicole Ayala Dijkhuis as well as the general production by Xenia Kent, both from the Paraguayan company Xelebra.

The production team has a national staff of more than 300 people.


Tickets can be purchased by going to the website and at

. All the information, at the moment, will be available in the official app of the Odesur Asuncion 2022 Games.

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