Astrologer predicted (last year) that Rodolfo Hernández would go to the second round with Petro

Astrologer predicted (last year) that Rodolfo Hernández would go to the second round with Petro

Rodolfo Hernández, presidential candidate.

The same one who predicted the death of Vicente Fernández.

Colombia News.

Colombia has chosen the two candidates who will compete for a seat in the House of Nariño as president of the republic, they are: Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández.

The Historical Pact candidate got the most votes: 8,520,741 according to the latest report from the State Civil Registry with 99.79% of the polling stations counted. Second place was occupied by the engineer with a total of 5,950,402 votes, surpassing ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez who was in third place with 5,044,358 votes.

The party’s leading candidate’s voteLeague of Anti-Corruption Governors’, It was a surprise for many since in the polls it grew from less to more and many even speculated about a sung second round between Petro and Fico.

However, the boost given by social networks and the engineer’s marketing campaign ended up being an ‘ace’ up the sleeve of this candidate, who had been predicted by an astrologer to go to the second round.

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This is the astrologer and personal life coach Daniel Daza.

“Lately it has received too much force,” said this young Colombian about his prediction made on December 31, 2021 and that today is a reality.

The station journalist ‘BluRadio’ who interviewed him asked him the question about whether Hernández and Petro would go to the second round and Daza answered with a resounding yes.

The man then stated that he had predicted the death of Vicente Fernández, months before his death occurred on December 12, 2021 and that he was very sure that the engineer would be victorious in the elections.

Here is Daza’s prediction:

A few minutes ago, Daniel Daza reported that he had received threats

“I am apolitical, I only talk about the national or global panorama of what is happening,” he said.

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