The deputy director of Police is summoned to testify in the Astesiano case

Astesiano would have investigated data on Lorena Ponce de León when she was already separated from Lacalle

Alejandro Astesiano in a file photo
Alejandro Astesiano in a file photo

In a new revelation of the chats of the former presidential custodian, Alejandro Astesiano, it transpires that he would have asked the deputy executive director of the Police, Jorge Berriel, for information about a trip by Lorena Ponce de León, ex-wife of the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou.

As published this Tuesday MVD Newsfrom tv cityOn July 4, 2021, Astesiano wrote from Colombia and said that “we have a reserved way to find out Lorena Ponce de León (sic)”, in the exchange he had with Berriel. “He leaves tomorrow at 6 in the morning. Where is she going?”, added the former custodian.

He remarked that he requests the information in “total reserved” mode.

“Complicated but we’ll see,” replied Berriel. Astesiano had written to him at 2:44 in the morning and he responded in less than three minutes.

“We only know that the airport has to be at 5,” added Astesiano, explaining that they were on a plane and that he would see the requested information when they landed in Montevideo.

Subsequently, Berriel asserted that “I found out something for you.”

got the data

Number three of the Police wrote to Astesiano at 3:33 in the morning of the same day to tell Astesiano that he was on his way to Lima, Peru, on a LATAM flight, and that he was traveling with a passport from another country.

He also found out that Lima was only a connection and that the final destination was Miami. He even came to know when the immigration procedures were going to take place, and on which connecting flights he would return to Montevideo.

Later, he concluded Astesiano’s request for information, clarifying that he was trying to find out more information “without asking for it so as not to attract attention.”

It should be noted that Lorena Ponce de León and Luis Lacalle Pou had separated before: the separation was reported in the press on May 6, 2022, about three months before the exchange between Astesiano and Berriel took place.

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