Astesiano case: Gandini criticized that "a criminal organization was set up in the heart of the government"

Astesiano case: Gandini criticized that “a criminal organization was set up in the heart of the government”

Photo: Screenshot |  Twitter / Jorge Gandini
Photo: Screenshot | Twitter / Jorge Gandini

The senator of the National Party, Jorge Gandini, stated this Thursday that a criminal organization should not be allowed to settle and operate in the heart of the government, alluding to the fact that Aleandro Astesiano, former custodian of the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, operated from the 4th floor of the Presidency Executive Tower.

“Parliament is here to control the Executive Power and the opposition has every right to apply the control mechanisms that exist,” the legislator told Underlined.

Gandini also assured that, when Astesiano’s file was reviewed, “This person had no criminal record. He didn’t have them in 2020 either, they didn’t have them in 2021 either. However, now when everything jumps out, the antecedents that were previous appear, they were from 2013 ”.

For the white legislator, Lacalle Pou was “betrayed” in his good faith and trust, and that Astesiano benefited from having entered the president’s inner circle.

The “Uruguayan way”

In other statements, Gandini criticized “this way of being Uruguayan”, which allows someone on the 4th floor of the Executive Tower to “operate in collusion with a criminal organization”, and expressed that “those things cannot happen to us, we have to be self-critical; we have to be much more severe and rigorous with security”.

“As apparently nothing happens in Uruguay, we all walk around without a guard, we all enter the Legislative Palace without anyone checking us; everyone enters the Presidency saluting and passes, ”he added.

It is serious that this has happened but that, moreover, it has happened due to the falsifications of Uruguayan passports destined for citizens of Russian origin who should not have taken it out because they lost it on the plane (…) Surely they cannot take out their own passport by the activities to which they are dedicated; who knows what they are, none -insurance-legalhe added at a press conference this Thursday.

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