Assist families affected by the flooding of the river

Assist families affected by the flooding of the river

In the Central department, health personnel from the hMariano Roque Alonso District Hospital provided comprehensive care to those affected by the floods, due to the river flood.

During the day, around a dozen families were assisted, approximately 70 people, including children, adults and the elderly, in the neighborhood caacupemiin the vicinity of “the corner of the Quincho”.

Among the services provided are Medical clinic, Pediatrics, Health Programs, Nutrition, vaccination booklet updating, Reproductive Health Care, STIs, TB, health promotion and medication delivery.

Recommendations to take into account in case of displacement of homes due to flooding:

-Strengthen measures to prevent respiratory diseases.

-Wash hands before and several times while handling food.

-Cook food well.

-Do not use ingredients of dubious origin, do not prepare food too far in advance.

-Avoid food contact with animals.

-Boil the water before consumption, or chlorinate it.

-Protect food from insects, pets and other vermin.

Other potential health risks

-Gastroenteric diseases.


-Bite of snakes and other poisonous animals.

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