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Assembly of the Resistance supports the protests in Havana and other provinces

MIAMI, United States.- The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance supported this Saturday the protests taking place in Havana and other Cuban provinces, and assured that it will provide humanitarian solutions to the current economic crisis, and will present a national salvation plan for the transition to democracy.

During a press conference, Dr. Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, coordinator of the Assembly, condemned the repression against the demonstrators, and affirmed that the political prisoners continue to oppose the regime, tirelessly, inside the prisons, and that the General Strike campaign expands nationwide with Cubans blocking major highways in the last two days.

Gutiérrez Boronat also called on the Cuban military to join and support the population.

Based on reports suggesting that the Castro regime had requested help from the US after the hurricane, the Assembly calls on the US government not to support a corrupt dictatorship, allied with Russia and using its resources to repress the population.

“True reconstruction needs true change,” said Gutiérrez Boronat. Instead, the Assembly proposes to use independent channels to deliver humanitarian aid to Cubans such as the Catholic Church, evangelical churches and the Great Masonic Brotherhood.

This Saturday the protests continued in Havana, as stated in a thread published on Twitter by the Inventario platform, along with several videos.

“Today, October 1, residents of the La Hata neighborhood closed traffic at the intersection of Calle 20 and Máximo Gómez,” says the post, adding: “Public transport buses that circulate along that road have been prevented from passing. Police are already present at the scene.”

“Right now the neighbors have added another blockade on 20th Street, but closer to Concha Street, to prevent vehicles from getting off in the direction of El Roble,” said Inventario, which also published an interactive map with updated information on the protests taking place. have occurred in Cuba in recent days.

Blocked streets, barricades and repressive agents throughout the city, this is what happened on Friday, which culminated in a total internet blockade. Shortly after the service was restored little by little, videos of the chaos in the Havana capital have been made public.

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