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Assembly of the Resistance supports the National Strike in Cuba in a public letter

MIAMI, United States.- The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance expressed this Monday in a public letter its support for the pronouncement of a National Strike made in recent hours from Cuba by hundreds of activists for democratic change.

In the letter, which comes to light a few days after the protests that have taken place in different parts of Cuba, freedom fighters and relatives of political prisoners have called the people to a national civic resistance throughout the length and breadth of the island.

“The extreme situation we are experiencing, of repression, lack of electricity, shortages of all kinds, is the accumulated result of the policies that a dictatorship that has been in power for 63 years has imposed on the people. Faced with this reality, and especially since July 11, 2021, the people are openly resisting, losing fear by leaps and bounds in a national challenge to tyranny,” the document reads.

“The time has come not to cooperate in the least with the Regime, to take to the streets at every opportunity and place we can to demand our freedom and then proceed, when the conditions are right, to the great general strike. From this moment, let us raise awareness… We are in the first phase of the National Strike… Do not cooperate with the dictatorship”, concludes the letter, which already has hundreds of signatures.

Since July 11, 2021, the day thousands of Cubans took to the streets in a historic anti-government protest, the Cuban population has participated in more than 3,000 protests and public demonstrations, covering all the country’s provinces.

The National Strike has been supported from the island with videos of activists and civil society actors who call on Cubans to join. Members of different civic organizations, including from Los Palacios, in Pinar del Río, one of the places where the last wave of protests began in Cuba, are calling for the end of the dictatorship.

Last March, the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance announced that posters calling for a National Strike had appeared at the entrance of “hundreds of houses in Cuba.”

The organization, based in Miami, also indicated that the call for a National Strike had increased “in the last few hours” with new signs in public places in and around Havana.

“Using the phrase ‘The strike goes’, more citizens on the Island continue to join the National Strike for Freedom campaign,” they said.

The National Strike for Freedom campaign was called by political prisoners and activists on the island to ask the population to cease all types of collaboration with the Cuban regime, and the dissemination of the campaign accelerated after the regime’s conviction of 128 people. who demonstrated on July 11 and 12, 2021.

Dr. Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat, coordinator of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance and the Cuban Democratic Directorate, has repeatedly shown the support of Cuban exiles for the national strike on the island.

“We have hundreds of activists from the eastern provinces to Pinar del Río organizing workshops, holding citizen assemblies, calling a strike. This is an idea that originally emerged in political prisons by Cubans who are incarcerated,” Gutiérrez-Boronat told CubaNet in late 2021.

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