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Assembly of the Resistance supports boycott of the electoral farce in Cuba

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Elecciones, Cuba, 2022

MADRID, Spain.- The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance (ARC) issued a statement supporting the boycott of the Castro regime’s votes that will take place on March 26.

In a message sent this Wednesday to the activists and Cuban citizens who have called for the boycott, the ARC —a coalition of anti-government human rights groups inside and outside Cuba— recalled that participating in this electoral farce “would be contrary to their own democratic desires and libertarians who are being fought for inside Cuba.”

“You should not participate because by participating you are strengthening the repression, you are turning your back on many compatriots who, like you, went to jail on July 11, 2021 (July 11), they knew how to confront the dictatorship by taking to the streets to demand freedom”, said the opposition leader and former politician Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez”.

He also stressed that voting would be “expanding the freedom that is going to come to Cuba.”

For his part, former diplomat and former politician Luis Zúñiga called on Cubans to join the National Strike.

“The first phase of the National Strike is non-cooperation and you have the opportunity to participate in non-cooperation by not attending the so-called ‘People’s Power elections,'” he said in this regard.

Zúñiga recalled that these are not elections, that this is a vote, and that those who elect are those of the Communist Party, not the people.

Last week the Cuban activists Yanelys Núñez, Carolina Barrero and Edel González Jiménez denounced the farce of the Cuban electoral system and asked the European Union (EU) to supervise the next “elections” in Cuba.

The activists called on the EU to speak out against the electoral farce of March 26″ and recalled that “Cubans are fighting for the legitimate right to elect their leaders, not to ratify the candidates designated by the usurpers of power.”

Havana does not allow independent international observers to attend the voting sessions, which are presented by the government as “a genuine exercise in democracy.”

The Cuban electoral model has been widely criticized on the island and the rest of the world for its lack of democracy and transparency, for its selectivity, and for the exclusion of opposition candidates.

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