ASSE reinforced medical care in Cologne

The improvement in the areas of CTI and moderate care, the increase in the guideline for the purchase of medicines, the strengthening of the clinical analysis laboratory and the incorporation of medical equipment for studies, are some of the advances registered in the Cologne hospital, planned and executed by the State Health Services Administration (ASSE).

Leonardo Cipriani (president of ASSE) informed about these accomplished objectives during a visit to this hospital, which cares for some 20,000 people. In addition, he finalized the delivery of new ambulances.

During the visit, Cipriani was accompanied by the vice president of the National Administration of State Health Services (ASSE), Marcelo Sosa. On that occasion, the authorities delivered two new ambulances, one for the Colonia hospital and the other for the Tarariras health center.

Cipriani highlighted days ago the operation of the intensive care center (CTI) of the Cologne hospital and the increase from 46 to 52 the number of beds in the moderate care area. Likewise, he confirmed the incorporation of technology in the clinical analysis laboratory, which will allow molecular biology studies to be carried out.

The nosocomio tripled the capacity to carry out dialysis and increased the number of surgical blocks to two, while a third is being fitted out. In addition, it incorporated surgical instruments, equipment for endoscopic procedures and a fiberscope. In the transportation area, the hospital has a minibus and six ambulances, to which another delivered was added.

In terms of access to drugs, the chief explained that prior to the beginning of his administration, the money allocated for the acquisition was $2 million. Currently, $3.5 million is allocated to this hospital monthly for the purchase of medicines. In this context, he highlighted two reinforcements made last November and in April 2022 for an additional $3.5 million to strengthen the purchase of drugs.

ASSE is also working on the design of a professionalization plan to occupy positions of medical or service leadership, through calls for competition. Cipriani pointed out that the calls for the specialties of surgery, gynecology and pediatrics are being prepared.

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