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ASSE investigates death of patient due to alleged omission of assistance

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ASSE investigates death of patient due to alleged omission of assistance

The State Health Services Administration (ASSE) resolved to initiate an administrative investigation at the Santa Lucía health center to determine if there was omission of assistance in the death of a 26-year-old patientas reported by family and friends of the young man.

The General Management of ASSE “ordered an administrative investigation, of an urgent nature, to clarify the attention received at the emergency door by the user Sergio González, on May 30 at the Santa Lucía Auxiliary Center“, says the state health provider in a statement.

“In turn, the case was sent for analysis to the Patient Safety Commission,” adds the official communication from ASSE.

This afternoon family and friends of the deceased demonstrated in front of the ASSE center in Santa Lucíawhere assistance was allegedly denied to the young man.

According to the uncle of the deceased, the young man felt bad on Monday and in this ASSE center they give him medication and diagnosed with “acute gastritis“said the relative to Telenoche (Channel 4).

“On Tuesday he feels bad, I (the uncle) take him to the emergency room again and ask for a chair to admit him because he could not use his own means, he was on a cane,” said the relative, in this place “They take care of him again, soothing and the same, (they said that) he has nothing”.

According to the family member, the young man was sent home for two consecutive days despite the fact that told a doctor he felt bad and vomited in front of him.

On Wednesday, the young man went by his own means to the Canelones Hospital and “they found him kidney failure and deficiency in all organs“, said the uncle. The young man ended up admitted to the CTI of the Rosario Hospital.

In this health center was diagnosed with leptospirosis, where he died The family announced that she will go to justice “until the last instances”.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) page, leptospirosis is a disease caused by a bacterium that usually appears “after heavy rains.” “Humans generally acquire leptospirosis through direct contact with the urine of infected animals or with an environment contaminated by urine.. Human-to-human transmission occurs very rarely.”

And he adds that on some occasions the disease can be serious and lethal. Among the symptoms, the WHO includes some similar to influenza, dengue fever and other “hemorrhagic diseases of viral origin”. These symptoms include fever, headache, body fatigue -particularly in the calves-, conjunctivitis and general malaise.

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