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Assault witness ran over motojets and recovered wallet


The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon in the San Francisco de Cambyretâ neighborhood, Itapúa, when a 25-year-old woman was closing her office and was surprised by a man who, with a gun in his hand, demanded her wallet.

After a struggle, the victim fell to the ground and the thief took the opportunity to pick up the bag and flee to the corner, where his accomplice was waiting for him with the motorcycle running.

All this was seen by a motorist, who brushed against them on board his vehicle, causing them to fall to the pavement.

The criminals got up and fled again on the bicycle, but abandoned the bag, which was returned to the owner. The thieves are on the run.

Non-commissioned officer Rolando Portillo informed Gen-Nación Media that an attempt will be made to identify the criminals through the cameras in the area.

The entrance Assault witness ran over motojets and recovered wallet was first published in diary TODAY.

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