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Assailants and pimps, among car and motorcycle race organizers


The paha year security campaign began with the deployment of agents with the mission of aborting all kinds of clandestine races, which in addition to putting the lives of third parties at risk, are the main source of annoying noise.

In the police raid that began in Luque, they arrested 20 people involved in organizing the illegal events.

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The surprise that the security forces took was that of that number, 15 of them (twelve men and three women) have arrest warrants.

Among the reasons for these are prosecuted for child rape, homicide, assault and aggravated robbery, among others.

“The 12 men with arrest warrants were referred to the Tacumbu prison, Ambush, and other detention centers in the country. The three women will be sent to the Good Shepherd”, states the report from the 3rd police station in Luque, sent to the Ministry of Justice and judicial authorities.





The entrance Assailants and pimps, among car and motorcycle race organizers was first published in diary TODAY.

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