Day without VAT: virtual sales rise to $272,000 million

Asobancaria asks users to be alert on the day without VAT

Within the framework of the second the three days without VAT this yearAsobancaria presented a series of recommendations so that users can make the most of it and make their purchases safely.

(Sales of $12 billion are estimated by merchants on the third day without VAT).

Remember that only products up to a certain price are covered by this benefit.

For example, in the category of household appliances, computers, communication equipment, sports equipment and goods and supplies for the agricultural sector, that ceiling is $3,040,320; while for clothing it is $760,080; and for school supplies, $190,020. It also asks to take into account that the benefit will only apply to a maximum of three units of each type of good and that payments can be made in cash or any other mechanism, as long as an electronic invoice is generated.

When shopping online, it is always advisable to enter the web address to enter the bank or merchant’s page, never enter from links or emails.

Also, avoid performing operations on public computers or through public wireless networks.

Close the session with the secure exit options offered by each website, as soon as you carry out the operations or if you have to leave the computer.

(Recommendations for making secure transactions on the day without VAT).

Ask to be careful with the emails that arrive with supposed notifications from the “bank” with warnings, reports or promotions. These are usually “hooks” used by criminals to get you to open an attachment that contains malicious programs that are trying to steal your data.

Remember that banks never request personal or financial information through emails. If a client receives these types of emails, they should not be answered and should be deleted.

It also recommends not losing sight of the card when paying and not allowing it to be passed through elements other than the dataphone.

The customer must make sure that after making a purchase the card that was returned to him is the one that he delivered.

Users should never give out their card number, expiration date and security code unless they are sure they are making a purchase or transaction on a secure site.

If the client observes irregularities on this day, inform the Dian and the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.


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