Asepasa will compensate the TSJE only when the tax investigation is over

Francisco Aguilera, legal representative of the Paraguayan Insurer (Asepasa), an insurance company for the burned voting machines of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE), affirmed that they have part of the policies, but they are not the only company.

The policy is for US$ 10 million, covers the buildings, dependencies and content. That is, it is for the totality of assets. There are buildings that function as warehouses, other administrative buildings and also those that contain the computer part.

“We are initiating the investigations, we are calling experts from abroad, to appoint their inspectors. Once the Prosecutor’s Office allows us to enter, we will move forward with the work. In the meantime we will ask for the documentation that covers the losses. The policy was up to date”, he explained in an interview for 730 AM.

The Prosecutor’s Office will analyze if the fire was premeditated or if it was an accident. If the analyzes culminate in order, for compensation. Aguilera explained that everything will depend on the prosecution providing all the elements in the shortest time possible.

In the end, those who will pay are the reinsurers. There are a total of seven companies. It is important to remember that Asepasa also paid, some time ago, for the fire in Congress in 2017.

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