“As long as the sentence is not final, Ricardo Martinelli can run for president”, Marquéz Amado

Angel Valdes | July 19, 2023

We spoke on Radio Panama with the former magistrate of the Electoral Tribunal, Guillermo Márquez Amado, who made an analysis of the current situation of former President Ricardo Martinelli and his chances of being able to run in the general elections of May 2024 because he was found guilty in the case New Business.
“If we reach the date of the elections and the decision is still not firm, he can perfectly run for President of the Republic and there we have two possibilities, one that loses the elections, the process continues and we will see how it is resolved in the courts. , the second that he wins the elections, he is president-elect, but if the decision of this process already started in office comes out, then he has to leave the presidency and comply with the sentence that has been issued, “explained Marquéz Amado.

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