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Artemisa: respiratory diseases increase in pediatric ages

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Hospital Pediátrico José Ramón Martínez Álvarez, en Guanajay

MIAMI, United States. — Artemisa Public Health Authorities warned of the increase in pediatric respiratory infections in that province.

A newspaper report the artemiseño points out that one of the threats to minors in the territory is the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The epidemiological alert was issued by the José Ramón Martínez Álvarez pediatric hospital, located in the municipality of Guanajay. This medical center “calls on parents to take extreme measures in the face of the current epidemiological scenario, in which other viruses characteristic of this time of year also proliferate.”

“Children under two years of age are the most prone according to statistics and studies, according to our cases. Let’s remember that they are not protected by a vaccine against the disease, however the use of the mask at home, in closed spaces, daycare centers and hospitals is essential,” Natasha Lara Urgellés, director of the Guanajay pediatric hospital, told the official media.

The doctor indicated that although no serious or critical patient is reported, the slight increase in pediatric cases is evident, which means paying more attention to its incidence.

“Our doctors have plenty of experience in pandemic care and we have already begun to organize the work. Until now we are not a hospital exclusively to offer treatment to patients admitted for COVID 19, we maintain the usual services, ”said Lara.

The source added that, “if necessary, the institution has all the human and material conditions to face a complex stage.”

“We have services for febrile cases, availability of beds and the miscellaneous room is already enabled,” Lara explained to the artemiseño.

On April 6, a 10-month-old baby passed away in a hospital in the municipality of Alquízar, province of Artemisa, after waiting more than five hours for an ambulance.

The little girl, who lives with her parents in the town of Dagame, arrived at the Ciro Redondo Teaching Hospital with a fever in the morning and difficulty breathing.

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