Apresan en Bahoruco haitiano con supuesta droga y un arma de fuego

Arrested in Haitian Bahoruco with alleged drugs and a firearm

Police agents arrested in the municipality of Tamayo, Bahoruco province, a man who allegedly seized two large portions of narcotic substances and a firearm.

The South Regional Directorate of the Police based in Barahona, identified the detainee as Yonas Vicente, a 25-year-old alias Creativo, who resides in the Los Charquitos section of the aforementioned community.

The institution points out that the two portions seized abroad correspond to a white powder, presumably cocaine, which will be delivered to the National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD).

While the weapon seized from the detainee is handmade, one of the so-called “Chilean”, with a 12-millimeter caliber cartridge for it.

The detainee next to the seized weapon, within the next few hours will be made available to the Public Ministry for the corresponding purposes of law.

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