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In the capital of the department of Caaguazú, the construction of the Great Hospital of Coronel Oviedo continues with various masonry works on the second level, already observing a notable advance of its entire structure.

Previously, the slab and pile foundations were executed, then the heads, pillars followed and now the entire internal masonry part is being started in its three blocks.

Let us remember that the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) awarded this work -via Resolution No. 185/2021- to the Consorcio Jiménez Gaona y Lima SA – Itasa – Proel Ingeniería MMSA, for an amount of G. 151,247,999,999.

This is the so-called MOPC No. 93/2020 – “National Public Tender for the Contracting of Companies for the Design and Construction and Road Access of the Coronel Oviedo Hospital – Caaguazú – AD Referendum on Budget Approval”, ID No. 385,592.

About Coronel Oviedo Hospital

It is a highly complex Specialized Hospital, which will provide outpatient and hospitalization actions and services, in the basic specialties and other specialties and other subspecialties. It will have critical care services, diagnostic support services and treatments that respond to its resolution capacity.

In addition, it will have spaces conditioned for times of catastrophes or pandemics, and an auditorium for activities related to the training of target personnel.

The Hospital will house the following services:

-180 hospital beds spread over four blocks.

-8 intensive care boxes.

-12 intermediate care boxes.

-4 emergency isolation boxes.

-30 clinics, rehabilitation services.

-6 operating rooms.

-9 laboratories: hematology, immunology, chemistry, parasitology, immunofluorescence and bacteriology.

– Diagnostic imaging services.

-Dialysis services.

-Biomedical engineering services.

-Morgue services.

-A transfusion medicine unit with two cold chambers for supplies and samples of 10 square meters each.

-a pharmacy of more than 300 square meters.

-a shelter of more than 300 square meters.

-A cafe.

The Hospital will also have its own effluent treatment plant, hospital waste treatment plant and oxygen generation plant.

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