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Aromas and flavors at the International Coffee, Cocoa and Agrotourism Fair

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Aromas and flavors at the International Coffee, Cocoa and Agrotourism Fair

The department of Huila, the first producer of coffee in Colombia and fourth in cocoa, is currently holding one of the most important events that encourages its production and economic development: the International Coffee Cocoa and Agrotourism Fair that reaches its second version.

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The Fair exceeds all expectations with more than 160 stands, 12 invited countries, more than 50 buyers from around the world, with the participation of Tolima, Nariño, Cauca and the host Huila, members of the coffee heart of Colombia”, affirmed the governor of Huila, Luis Enrique Dussán López.

It also has roasting, barista, tasting contests, with several coffee and chocolate shows to the delight of the attendees cFree admission to the La Vorágine Fairgrounds and the José Eustasio Rivera Convention Center.

In addition, the award ceremony for the ‘Colombia Tierra de Diversidad’ Special Coffee contest, organized by the National Federation of Coffee Growers, in which the more than 700 lots of 23 apartments Huila standing out, which managed to climb with grains from the municipalities of Gigante, Palermo, Pitalito, Acevedo, Tarqui and Rivera.

An auction with 40 international buyers who will pay $25 million to each winning producer with awards for attributes for acidity, balance, body, softness and exotic.

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Added to the busy academic agenda, which includes the participation of international experts, is the awarding of the Cacao de Oro contest, a contest with fresh cocoa with flavor and aroma that feeds the gourmet chocolate industry in Europe. 60 samples from 15 departments participate.

To encourage and promote the department’s new ventures, there are 88 free stands for attendees to savor the best specialty coffee brands and a wide range of chocolates.

“Colombia is the Latin American country that sells the most roasted coffee abroad, so pushing and giving national producers the opportunity is what we should all do, consuming our products,” said Roberto Vélez Vallejo, manager of the National Federation of Coffee Growers. and added that events such as this International Fair help to consolidate the image of quality, compliance, and seriousness of Colombian coffee.

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Governor Dussán considers that the most important thing is the business that takes place during the fair and in the future, but he stressed that, even before the start of the event, he was approached by visitors from Israel and the United Arab Emirates interested in making purchases of local production.

The event, which started the previous Friday, cEnds Sunday, October 2.


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