Arnoldo Wiens: "I will not be Hugo Velázquez or Mario Abdo, the fight will be imposed by my values ​​and principles"

Arnoldo Wiens: “I will not be Hugo Velázquez or Mario Abdo, the fight will be imposed by my values ​​and principles”

The Republican Force movement officially announced the replacement for the presidential candidacy after the resignation of Hugo Velázquez. Arnoldo Wiens, current head of the Ministry of Public Works (MOPC), takes command accompanied by his duo Juan Manuel Brunetti, who is running for the vice presidency.

After the designation of Hugo Velázquez as “significantly corrupt” by the United States Government, the changes within the movement took place quickly and 48 hours later the new proposal was officially announced by the presidency.

“Several years ago I have been trying to work in different areas of politics, always within the Colorado party, I have been in the Senate for five years, four years accompanying from the public works portfolio and at the time the possibility of launching myself into a candidacy but as Hugo Velázquez was our candidate, we have chosen to accompany the management of the team to try to do the best from where we are”, commented Wiens.


Wiens mentioned that in conversations with the leaders, they authorized him the possibility of choosing his vice president, however he aimed to keep Juan Manuel Brunetti.

“They told me you can choose for your vice president, it is the characteristic of this movement that it does not impose things. Do not hesitate a minute, we are more than 35 thousand candidates registered by Republican Force. Juan Manuel Brunetti is going to be my vice president, nobody imposed that on me, it is the characteristic of a democratic movement like ours”, he announced.


On repeated occasions, he expressed support and solidarity for Vice President Hugo Velázquez. His quick decision to abandon his candidacy for the presidency in the face of the announcement made by the United States was highlighted.

“We must recognize the gesture of our colleague and friend Hugo Velázquez for the immediate decision he made. In this movement we are characterized by the struggles and attitudes of the values ​​of our Colorado party. He did not allow destruction, confusion or doubt to be dragged into the party’s movement, I refer to the evidence, ”he emphasized.

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