Army captures alleged participant in voting jury homicide in Meta

Army captures alleged participant in voting jury homicide in Meta

The Army captured a man identified as being alias ‘Kewin’, 19 years old, and who would be the alleged perpetrator of the murder of Nelly Bedoya Vásquez, voting jury, occurred at the end of election day on May 29 in Vistahermosa (Meta).

Presumably, alias ‘Kewin’ would be part of the FARC dissidents, Structure Jorge Briceño Suarez, and would have indiscriminately attacked the civilian population and the Public Forcefrom a school, near a polling station while leaving the area with electoral material.

It should be remembered that there the woman who played the role of the voting jury was murdered and in the same incident an Army officer was wounded.

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According to the institution, The alleged murderer was captured by court order issued by the Attorney General’s Office, in the departmental hospital of Granada (Meta). There he would be receiving medical attention, apparently as a result of an injury when handling an explosive, for which they investigate what claims this subject had.

Alias ​​’Kewin’ is accused of also participating in the adaptation of two improvised explosive devices, in the months of May and June 2021, in the Puerto Cachicamo sector, municipality of San José del Guaviare, where a professional soldier was injured and a Navy lieutenant was killed.

At the same time, in the month of March, the detainee would be the one who activated an explosive charge in the village of La Catalina, in La Macarena, Meta, fortunately without affecting the integrity of the community or the public force.

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In the meantime, the institution highlighted that the prisoner was placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office, where must answer for the crimes of aggravated conspiracy to commit a crime, manufacturing, trafficking and carrying weapons, ammunition or explosives for restricted and exclusive use of the Armed Forces.

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