Armed confrontation in Usiacurí, Atlántico leaves one dead and three wounded

Armed confrontation in Usiacurí, Atlántico leaves one dead and three wounded

An alleged member of the Gulf Clan dead, another wounded and two police officers injured is the balance of a shooting that broke out this Wednesday in the trail Aguas Vivas in the municipality of Usiacuri, Atlantic.

On this road that communicates with the municipality of Baranoa, they moved two men on a motorcycle with a suspicious attitude that were required by the uniformed police of the Atlantic for a routine search, authorities said.

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At that moment, the two policemen were attacked by gunshots by the alleged members of the Clan del Golfo and the shooting broke out. The exchange of shots took a few minutes, so the people passing by the place had to take shelter from the bullets, according to several witnesses.

The presumed member of the Clan del Golfo who died in the crossfire goes by the name of Luiggi Alberto Uzcategui Epieyu, nationality Venezuelanwho had a judicial record for several crimes, according to the Police.

Likewise, the Atlantic Police announced that the other injured person is Richard Pachecho Araujo, a man who also has a court record and who receives medical attention in Baranoa, Atlantic.

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