Arias will make pavilions in the La Llamita cemetery

Arias will make pavilions in the La Llamita cemetery

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Mayor Iván Arias made an agreement with the residents of the Periférico macrodistrict to build pavilions for the new La Llamita cemetery. These will be located in the same place where the cemetery is located.

“We are reaching an agreement. We are signing this act and we will start the works next week. Therefore, the challenge is to reach November in better conditions (…) First we will stabilize it. The cemetery is in a risk zone and where there is space, mausoleums will be built,” he said.

In September 2021, according to a note from the commune, Mayor Arias announced “the construction of pavilions” in the La Llamita cemetery and the takeover of the cemetery that generates a health risk for the residents of the sector. After the announcement, the authorities began conversations with the neighbors of the place.

According to Arias, the Mayor’s Office of La Paz will initially invest 200,000 bolivianos in stabilization works and the construction of mausoleums. With these works, the cemetery will be attractive due to the high circulation of people and means of transport, such as the Orange line of the cable car.

The works are expected to conclude this year and in this way the La Llamita cemetery would be included in the “tour” that the La Paz commune will organize for the Todos Santos festival. With the works that will be carried out, it is also expected to enhance its historical appeal. “You have to put together in such a way that stories are told, the cemetery will also be a point of tourist attraction,” said Arias.

“Our idea is to make an attractive cemetery because, in addition, it is in a place with high traffic,” he said.

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