Argimón: «These days have been very intense»

The president of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), the Portuguese Duarte Pacheco, reported a few weeks ago that a delegation from this organization would travel to Europe to work on ending the war between Russia and Ukraine. It included the participation of our vice president, Beatriz Argimón, along with delegates from other countries.

This Wednesday Argimón shared on your Instagram account some photos of your stay in Ukraine. He also indicated that now the delegation called the “task force” continues its trip to Moscow (Russia).

Alongside the images, he wrote: “These days have been very intense for the mission entrusted to us by the IPU to build bridges between the parliaments of Ukraine and Russia.” In that sense, he added that «during the work meetings we have had confidentiality. After the first phase in kyiv and a subsequent meeting with the president of the Polish parliament, we continued our trip to Moscow».

“We are setting up a mission, made up of presidents of parliaments. We are going to visit kyiv and Moscow, with the understanding that the important thing for us is dialogue and ending the war. That one really thinks of the 21st century and it is incredible that it is happening”, said Argimón when consulted by this visit days after the announcement of the mission.

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