Argentine boys and girls swore the Flag aboard the Libertad frigate in Cádiz

Argentine boys and girls swore the Flag aboard the Libertad frigate in Cádiz

(Photo TW @Armada_Arg)

Argentine boys and girls, who are studying in different educational establishments in Spain, made their promise to the Flag aboard the freedom frigate of the Argentine Navy, which is moored in the port of Cádiz, the last European stopover of its fiftieth training trip.

The Ministry of Defense reported this Tuesday, through its website, that the ship arrived last Sunday in Cadizand that, as part of the activities in port, 17 Argentine children residing in that country, of different ages and educational institutions, pledged allegiance to the flag on board.

In addition to the Argentine ambassador in Spain, Ricardo Alfonsinand the unit commander, ship captain Carlos Pedro Schavinsky Trincherothe naval attaché, captain of the ship were present William Prada; the Argentine consul in Cadiz, Mariano Zarazaga; and relatives of the children.

The consul was in charge of reading the promise formula: “This is the Flag that Manuel Belgrano created at the dawn of our freedom, it symbolizes the Argentine Republic, our Homeland. She represents us, shelters us and makes us equal, she is heaven, she is hope, she is history and tradition”.

Photo TW Armada_Arg
(Photo TW @Armada_Arg)

“Along with the Cockade, the Shield and the National Anthem, the flag is one of our national symbols that unites all Argentines, regardless of where we are in the world,” he said.

At the end of the formula, the consul required the Pledge of Allegiance to the National Flag and the children received a diploma, where said act is recorded.

After the flag lowering ceremony, Captain Schavinsky Trinchero thanked the families present and said: “for us it is very important to share with our compatriots, on board the ship, this moment that will remain as a beautiful memory for these children ; and it is an honor to share this ceremony so rich in feelings of patriotism”.

For the De Dios family, the possibility that their son has sworn allegiance to the flag is “to continue with the traditions, it is to maintain the culture, it is what our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents gave us; and it is to feel Argentine, it is to get closer to little to our land. It is very important. We thought they would never do it because they had not passed 4th grade in Argentina but, really, this possibility is a pleasure. We are extremely grateful”.

Accompanied by their relatives, the children had the opportunity to tour the ship’s deck and command bridge.

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