Dollar braked: the slow rise and fall that does not finish convincing anyone

Argentina: the blue dollar continues to rise and is trading at 522 pesos

the blue dollar it rose 10 pesos this Friday in Argentina, and was trading at A$517 for the purchase and A$522 for the sale. The parallel jumped A$ 9 in the last day and accumulates 17 pesos in the last two days.

In this way, the exchange gap of the blue is positioned at 89% with respect to the retail dollar and 97% with respect to the wholesale dollar. The free dollar marks an increase of A$176 since the start of the year.

Agricultural exporters slightly increased settlements through the differential contribution program for the sector, but the Central Bank (BCRA) it had to sell almost US$ 100 million of its reserves again, in a round in which the price of the currency in the informal market rebounded to another nominal record.

The Central registered on Thursday a balance in favor of US$12 million, but sold 785 million yuan, which is equivalent to more than US$109 million, while exporters entered another US$20 million through the exchange scheme for regional economies .

In this way, as happened in the two previous days, the monetary authority obtained a negative result of around US$ 97 million in its exchange intervention by combining the balances with which it ended with both the US and Chinese currencies.

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