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Argentina expressed concern about the political crisis in Peru

The Argentine government expressed this Wednesday its “deep concern” about the political crisis that Peru is going through / File photo.

The Argentine government expressed its “deep concern” over the political crisis that Peru is going through and urged “all political and social actors” in that country to “protect democratic institutions, the rule of law and constitutional order,” after learning of the President Pedro Castillo’s decision to dissolve Congress and declare a “national curfew”.

“Argentina regrets and expresses its deep concern about the political crisis that the sister Republic of Peru is going through, and calls on all political and social actors to protect democratic institutions, the rule of law and the constitutional order,” he said. the Argentine Foreign Ministry on its official Twitter account.

Castillo announced the dissolution of Congress, hours before the legislative body debated an impeachment motion against him, and declared an “exception government” and a “national curfew”, which immediately led to the resignation of ministers and accusations of a “coup d’Ă©tat”.

In a televised message, the Peruvian president called “in the shortest possible time, elections for a new Congress with constituent powers to prepare a new Constitution within a period of no more than nine months. As of the date and until the new Congress will be governed by decree law.

“In response to the citizen claim throughout the country, we made the decision to establish an emergency government aimed at establishing the rule of law and democracy, for which purpose the measures are issued: temporarily dissolve the Congress of the Republic and establish an exceptional emergency government,” he said.

The president accused the legislative body of “destroying the rule of law, democracy and balance of powers.”

In addition, the leftist leader decreed a “national curfew” starting today, from 10 p.m. to 4 p.m. the next day. He also declared the justice system to be reorganized: the Judiciary, the Public Ministry, the National Board of Justice, the Constitutional Court.

The president’s announcement immediately led to a series of resignations in the Cabinet.

Sources from the Foreign Ministry said that “Argentina clearly rejected the decision made by Castillo, we were one of the first countries to define a public position demanding that the democratic order be recovered.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Santiago Cafiero, “was in conversation with the foreign ministers of the region and also with the foreign ministers that make up the OAS group of countries, which has become obsolete due to this situation in Peru, and obviously talked several times during the day with the Argentine ambassador in Peru”.

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