Arequipa: The gunmen of San Juan de Lurigancho are arrested (VIDEO)

Arequipa: The gunmen of San Juan de Lurigancho are arrested (VIDEO)

The policemen of the Uchumayo police station in Arequipa yesterday arrested 3 alleged members of the San Juan de Lurigancho gang, after having assaulted the Las Magnolias tap in the Uchumayo Variant with firearms.

One of the tap workers told the police that the 3 men identified as Ney Albino, 31 years old; Luis Nores, 23 and Manuel Remision, 47 years old They threatened with firearms.

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The criminals entered the booth where, together with their partner, they counted the money and They took 12 thousand soles, after beating them. The men had balaclavas and masks so as not to be recognized.

The policemen applied the fence plan and arrested Ney Albino, who would have been recognized by the victims.

The 2 other accomplices were arrested by highway police near the Tambillo bridge, when they were driving in the white vehicle that they had used to assault the tap. Luis Nores and Manuel Referral they had 6 ammunition, a knife and a patacabra.


They were intervened in the car in which they were escaping

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