Arequipa PNP assures that there are no reports of assaults on buses

Arequipa PNP assures that there are no reports of assaults on buses

Colonel PNP Carlos Urbina reported that in recent months there had been no complaints from citizens or drivers about assaults or robberies in urban transport units in Arequipa.

“It was heard in the media, but there are no complaints,” said the cash, after meeting this morning with the directors of the urban transport units, taxi and the Provincial Municipality of Arequipa.

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Urbina indicated that the modality that criminals use the most are cellphone outbursts at bus stops or on buses, because the drivers circulate with the open doors.

At this meeting it was agreed to give a period of 15 days for the approximately 1,200 buses to install the panic buttonor, alert tool in order to reinforce security and immediately notify the PNP about the assault inside the bus.

Urbina indicated that patrolling will be reinforced and this Friday the operations plan with the identification of whereabouts.

It should be remembered that yesterday afternoon a man boarded a bus on Av. Parra to rob and threatened the driver with a knifebut the vehicle reversed and collided with a building.

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