Architecture and performances in the Noche de Cúpulas cycle

Architecture and performances in the Noche de Cúpulas cycle

Analia Couceyro and Ariel Farace in their performance.

Analia Couceyro and ariel farace The Buenos Aires Cúpula Mono Giraud (San Martín 201) will intervene this Wednesday with a performance and texts in an activity of the Noche de Cúpulas cycle that takes place between February and March in the city of Buenos Aires, and in which different towers of the city ​​to develop a small artistic event that combines architecture, history and performances.

“Noche de Cúpulas is a cycle that started in 2018 with the idea of ​​intervening domes in Buenos Aires that have a history and creating performances and site specifics that tell a story of the dome with the contemporary vision of the invited artists”told Telam Ana Grochcurator of experience.

The cycle, defined by its creators as “another look at our celestial cartography”started last Saturday with “Variations Over Time”a creation of duo lindalinda (Natalia Chami and Romi Sak) in the Miguel Bencich Dome (Diagonal Roque Sáenz Peña 616, 10th floor), which will be repeated next Saturday the 11th, while tomorrow, at 7, 7:45 and 8:30 p.m., it will be possible to attend “Feathers”, creation of Couceyro and Farace, in collaboration with the photographer Giraud monkeyin its own dome (San Martín 201 floor 8 office 84).

“The interest in literature and acting is something that runs through our work”say the authors, who intend to guide the visit to the Mono Giraud dome with a selection of texts that can broaden or foster the experience that the place promotes.

“It is a small, tall, round, pointed space. It is in the middle of the center and at the same time makes you feel isolated. The age of the building, the height of the dome, its ornamental will, makes us think of things that nature brings to above: trees, birds, nests; things between the earth and the sky. We want to write a nest to share with visitors. An architecture of words that allow space to be inhabited”Couceyro and Farace stand out about tomorrow’s performance.

To the left Miguel Bencich Dome to the right La Equitativa del Plata de Virasoro
To the left, Cúpula Miguel Bencich, to the right La Equitativa del Plata, by Virasoro.

These first two visits to domes are carried out within the framework of the Microcentro Cuenta program, while next Tuesday the 14th there will be a special edition of Valentine’s Day, in the Cúpula La Inmobiliaria (Avenida de Mayo 1410, 6to derecha), which will have the particularity that will unite gastronomy, art and architecture, with a five-course dinner accompanied by wines and sparkling wines, music by Quinta DJ and a site-specific presentation of the contemporary dance group NoesTango.

Tonight will be the only payment of the entire cycle, which will continue in March within the framework of the Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA) with two other interventions.

“If we start looking up, at 45 degrees, the look changes and a certain estrangement occurs in relation to what we are used to, the cities take on a certain flight and acquire another perspective”, Groch recounts.

“When we began to investigate -he added- we see that there are incredible stories behind the domes, which historically were linked to religion and later with a certain status symbol until they went into decline due to how expensive it was to maintain them and finally they were put back on a bit fashionable due to the interest they arouse in some art collectors and foreigners”Groch notes.

“In Buenos Aires – says the creator of the cycle along with her sister Veronica and ale langer– there are more than 400 domes that have incredible stories, such as the one in the Güemes Palace, where Saint Exupery lived while writing “The Little Prince”, or the one where Nijinsky lived before he went mad”.

The last two matches of the cycle will be within the framework of FIBA ​​and will take place on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 March with the performance “Ikebana beat or the flower mantra”in the Cúpula Edificio Argentino (San Martín 492 8vo) with address of Vivi Tellasand “Boom Boom Borges Museum”, in Cúpula La Inmobiliaria with address of Ignacio Bartoloneand which covers texts and comments by the author of “Ficciones” in relation to the group of writers from Florida gathered in the magazine Martín Fierro.

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