Arce demands to have on his desk the names and surnames of those responsible for the stolen car donation

Arce demands to have on his desk the names and surnames of those responsible for the stolen car donation

May 11, 2023, 9:33 AM

May 11, 2023, 9:33 AM

President Luis Arcein the ministerial cabinet on Wednesday, reminded his collaborators that You want to have the names and surnames of those responsible on your desktop of the donation he had made of a stolen car in Chile to the National Council of Ayllus and Markas del Qullasuyu (Conamaq), as revealed by the presidential spokesman himself, Jorge Richter.

“Today (Wednesday) we have had a cabinet and the President, to the annoyance that I have pointed out (previously), has reminded his collaborators, the ministers, he has reminded them that ‘I want the names and surnames of those responsible for my desk,’” Richter said last night in an interview with Red Uno.

According to Richter, there will be that identification of those responsible, as the Head of State himself requested because it is a fact that should not have happened and where some official or some officials incurred in irregularities.

“But it is not a structural fact,” he remarked. However, in recent days, versions have emerged that other cars stolen in Chile have also been donated or given away in Bolivia by authorities.

In fact, the Vehicle Search Group (GBV) of Chile, in a contact with DUTYassured that there are at least 12 cars with reports of theft in its territory that were donated in the governments of Evo Morales and Luis Arce.

But “it is not that governments (…) are always exempt from corruption, the important thing is to look at what is the attitude that you assume with corruption, that is the fundamental thing”, Richter remarked.

Although later too recognized that “there are control instances that have not done their job as appropriate” and that they will now be sanctioned.

Therefore, “we are going to have the names and surnames of the people who have committed an irregular act or at least had (…) an oversight,” he insisted.

He pointed out that it is “a sensitive fact”, so much so that even the opposition sectors now try to identify “it as a structural fact of the Government, (but) that is a political opportunism”.

In addition, Richter stated that he does not agree with the perception that this new scandal has left President Arce “in a bad light”.

I do not agree with that that leaves it badly stoppeda president is left in a bad position when he says ‘this is not such a big deal’ and continues with his normal life”, he pointed out.

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