Araucanía Region: Deputy Jouannet criticizes Minister Siches “for not knowing about this issue” and points out that Undersecretary Monsalve should take office

The deputy for Temuco, Andrew Jouannet (Ind), launched a harsh criticism of the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Sichespointing out that his position should be taken by the deputy secretary of the portfolio, Manuel MonsalveThis is because, in the opinion of the former mayor, the Secretary of State “does not know about this issue.”

“This is a government that has stumbled, like when someone leaves and it is not very clear,” said the former Christian Democrat in The Mercury.

“No one could deny me that, especially after what happened in La Araucanía with the Minister of the Interior, in which shortly after taking office there is going to be a show. I am not saying this to disrespect you, she first disrespected when she arrived to La Araucanía as he did: try to enter Temucuicui and link up with people associated with violence. In addition, they shoot him, he does not file a complaint, he says they are demonstrations, and then he talks about Wallmapu and political prisonerss“, he stated.

Along these lines, his statements point to the head of the Interior, since in the parliamentarian’s opinion “he has been changing his speech, but objectively the minister does not know about this issue, versus, for example, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, who In addition to knowing the area and having been a deputy, he can quickly ride a horse of what is happening, the same as the Minister of Defense, Maya Fernández, who was president of the Chamber”.

“The situation of the Government is that: on the one hand, there are people who can do things and know how, and another who does not know and who, from an ideological point of view, have a handbrake for the Government. They constantly make mistakes. They are a little reckless, like young people in adolescence. The point is that in the case of the Interior especially, one cannot come to do the practice”, he stressed.

The 100 days of the Government

Speaking about the first 100 days of the Government of the President Gabriel Boricthe deputy stated that “one would have expected more deployment, since they are young; more land, but clearly the street they had was fundamentally from Plaza Italia to Plaza Ñuñoa. The rest, it was shown, they did not know much about. Having a street means know what is happening in the territories, as they say”.

“There is a good sector that says that they must be given the opportunity because they are young. But in public policies they cannot be given opportunities because very serious errors in La Araucanía can mean deaths, greater violence. If you enter the government, you enter to govern. There is a part of the Government, I insist, that shows that it has experience and the difference between Monsalve and the Minister of the Interior is tremendous, who should be the Minister of the Interior is him, but well, it is the President who must take that decision. Monsalve is the one who knows in the Interior and has the authority,” he closed.

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