ARA San Juan: relatives of the victims requested the annulment of Macri's dismissal

ARA San Juan: relatives of the victims requested the annulment of Macri’s dismissal

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Relatives of the crew members who died in the sinking of the submarine ARA San Juann in 2017 they asked the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation to annul the recent ruling that dismissed former president Mauricio Macri and the former heads of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) Gustavo Arribas Y Silvia Majdalani in the investigation for alleged espionage against the relatives of the victims.

The presentation, in which the ratification of the prosecutions is demanded, was made by the lawyer Valeria Carreraswho argued that “if this filthy ruling” issued by the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires “is final, we will all be under suspicion, and our privacy and fundamental rights violated”sources in the case reported on Monday.

“Regarding my representedif this shameful ruling is confirmed, they will be stigmatized as the dangerous ones, the terrorists, the public enemies number 1“, emphasized the lawyer in his letter.

Carreras asserted that “the ruling appealed by this complaint does not withstand the factual statement due to the lack of evidence and grounds for the judgment under appeal, with respect to constituting that group of women, suffering, devastated, with no greater concern than knowing what had happened to their loved ones. , and look for his steel tomb, the submarine”.

“But this ruling places them in the place that is reserved for a ‘terrorist cell‘, a coup faction, a group of people who together or separately represent a threat to the internal security or security of the president at the time, Macri,” he said.

The former heads of the AFI Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani were also acquitted in the ruling
The former heads of the AFI, Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani, were also dismissed in the ruling.

The Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires issued the resolution in the middle of last month, benefiting Macri, Arribas and Majdalani, who had been prosecuted last year in the first instance by the federal judge of Dolores Martín Bava.

In another section of the writing, Carreras wondered: “Will those who come after with the precedent of this ruling be taken away from the minimum right to gather in a corner? Apparently yes, because If it is considered a ‘danger’ to march with a flag asking to know the truth about their children, the only thing left for them and us is exile to a place with no rights and no guarantees.”

And he warned that “if this ruling is validated, not only will we all be exposed to superficial intelligence tasks or mild violations of privacy, but we will legally go back decades, and without trustworthy judiciary power before society, but also losing confidence in the legal system… I do not predict a good outlook in the immediate future or for future generations. For which I insist, in the request to declare the nullity of the ruling of 7-15-2022 and confirm the prosecutions “.

“My clients are not only victims of illegal intelligence tasks as the Subrogated Federal Judge in Dolores, Dr. Martin Bava, has understood, but also the Prosecutor Dr. Juan Pablo Curi, and the Bicameral Commission of Oversight of Intelligence Services of the National Congress,” he asserted.

Carreras told Télam that “with this appeal We want it to be clear to society that in no way has any of the families been violent at any time with any authority. The families of the crew members are not a threat to internal security, something that this ruling vilely maintains by re-victimizing them”

With this resource “we want to prevent a precedent of this caliber from coming to legalize espionage tasks under the pretext of ‘just in case’ so similar to ‘something they will have done’, because it leaves us all under a state of suspicion,” he added.

The lawyer explained that “legally we attacked the ruling by mistake in the laws and decrees applied and we also stated that in the ruling the evidence was manipulated to the extreme of changing reality, lying plain and simple. We want to ask society to understand how many times The families of the ARA San Juan were mistreated, and this time we need everyone to defend them from this infamy that equates them to terrorists”.

The ARA San Juan was a submarine that disappeared in the Argentine sea on November 15, 2017 with 44 crew members on board when it was heading from Ushuaia to Mar del Plata, at the height of the San Jorge Gulf. The ship was found a year later, on November 17, 2018, near where she had sunk, just over 900 meters deep.

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