São Paulo proposes a 20% increase in health and safety professionals

Approved in the Senate, nursing floor goes to enactment

The Senate plenary unanimously approved this Tuesday (20) the proposed amendment to the Constitution that makes it possible to pay the nursing floor (PEC 42/2022). Last week, the text was approved in two shifts in the Chamber of Deputies.Approved in the Senate, nursing floor goes to enactment

By Law 14,434, of 2022, male and female nurses are entitled to a floor of R$ 4,750. The value is the reference for calculating the salaries of technicians (70%), nursing assistants (50%) and midwives (50%).

The PEC directs resources from the financial surplus of public funds and the Social Fund to finance the national nursing salary floor in the public sector, in philanthropic entities and service providers with a minimum care of 60% of patients in the Unified Health System ( SUS).


Currently, the payment of the floor is suspended by the Federal Supreme Court by preliminary decision of Minister Luís Roberto Barroso. The minister determined that the Union, public and private entities should express their views on the financial impact of the measure on the quality of services provided in the health network.

At the time, Barroso accepted the argument of private entities that the Legislative and Executive had approved and sanctioned the project without taking measures that would make its execution feasible, such as increasing the reimbursement table of the Unified Health System (SUS) to the affiliated network.

With the PEC approved in the Senate, the President of the House, Senator Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), hopes to have pacified the impasse. In Pacheco’s assessment, the impact of the national nursing floor for the Union is very small.

The senator recognized, however, that there is a severe impact on states, municipalities and philanthropic hospitals, but that the issue was resolved with a series of initiatives taken to compensate states, municipalities and philanthropic hospitals to comply with the decision of the Federal Supreme Court and make feasible the floor.

“Nothing prevents the Federal Supreme Court, when we promulgate this amendment to the Constitution, from lifting this precautionary decision for the establishment of the national nursing floor and that, in the case of the private sector, this National Congress can examine it already with the new government”, he emphasized. Pacheco.

For him, the decision of the Supreme Court does not need to be linked to the suspension of the national floor for everyone in Brazil, including public entities, due to the impact on the private sector, which, according to him, can have a solution built in 60, 90 days. .

According to Pacheco, making the floor viable for professionals in the private sector was the subject of a recent conversation between him and the future Minister of Economy, Fernando Haddad. “He undertook, as early as January, to deliberate on the fiscal space and resources needed for compensatory measures for the private sector, which would come, in principle, through payroll exemptions. Just as they exist for 17 sectors of the national economy,” said Pacheco.

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