Lacalle Pou announced measures and suggestions to compensate for the loss of purchasing power of salary

Approval of Lacalle Pou fell by 5% and reached 47%

According to the latest survey published this Wednesday by the consulting company Teamsthe approval of the discharge to President Luis Lacalle Pou fell by 5% in April compared to the February study.

According to the document published by this pollster, 47% of Uruguayans approve of the president’s management, while 33% disapprove.

On the other hand, 20% of the people said they did not approve or disapprove or simply preferred not to give their opinion on the matter. These numbers correspond to the survey carried out by the company from April 2 to 7, after the results of the referendum on the luc.

Despite the fall in his approval, Lacalle maintains a positive balance of the judgments of the population that leaves a favorable balance of 14%.

However, the five point drop in his popularity, as well as the increase of the same amount in rejection, had a direct impact on the net balance, which was previously +24%.

On the other hand, the current net balance is the lowest so far in the government period. However, previously (in July 2021) it had exactly the same records, so it does not constitute a record.

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