Approach between Kattya and Soledad with a view to 2023

Approach between Kattya and Soledad with a view to 2023

Kattya González and Soledad Núñez met to talk about the upcoming presidential elections. The deputy affirms that both represent a very attractive duo for the next elections.

The National Encounter party (PEN), posted on their social networks, where a rapprochement between Soledad Núñez and Kattya González is seen. The image of the meeting was accompanied by the following message; “The best and possible Paraguay is underway. With dialogue, understanding, hope, we will achieve the objective of guaranteeing a good life for all. Productive meeting between Kattya González and Soledad Núñez, Bruno Defelippe, Fidu González and José Luis Torales”.


Kattya González, national deputy for PEN, stated that they are talking with all sectors and that they will also see her in photographs with other candidates.

“We met with Soledad Núñez’s team. And we are talking about simplifying presidential candidacies and multi-member lists in the third space. We agree that we cannot go separately because it would take away our strength, ”she commented.

For González, these meetings demand a lot of republican humility. And he announced that next week there will be news about the lists for the Senate and deputies.

“It would really be something super innovative, it would be an opportunity for two women, in a democracy that was not perfected due to a lack of female candidates, to be able to offer their knowledge, trajectory and profile that are absolutely different, but several factors must be analyzed,” she commented.

For González, it is very difficult for him to be able to impose himself in the Coalition due to the conditions that exist.

“It would be ideal if there had been equal competition in the Concertación. I sincerely believe that the way the Coalition is built, I see it difficult for it to impose itself on the liberal structure. Because you think with liberal logic, you agree with liberal logic. It is difficult for us to break into that scenario. It is a duo of hope, of faith, a duo that bets on a totally different system of doing politics, ”he explained.


Bruno DeFelippe, businessman, husband of Núñez and one of the participants in the meeting, stated that he does not want to advance anything about the meeting, but stated that they will make some announcements next week.

“The focus of the conversation was how to ensure that we have unified lists for the Senate so as not to atomize the independent sector and suffer the consequences that were suffered in the municipal ones. Where the preferential vote and the supposed unlocking harmed the representation of the independent sector, even though it had many votes, ”he explained.

When asked about a possible presidential tag between Kattya González and Soledad Núñez, the businessman answered no, and stated that it is too early to talk about it.

“This is not the time to talk about presidential badges, there is time to define them. That was not the purpose of the conversation,” she expressed.

It should be remembered that there is time until the end of June to register electoral alliances. While the end of August is the deadline to register presidential plates.


Emilio Camacho, president of the National Encounter party (PEN), also participated in the meeting. He affirmed that they have the idea of ​​uniting the best values ​​of national politics. Both are recognized for their work.

“The idea is to join efforts. Both really represent the desire of many young people. They are healthy people. We are going to keep working,” she stated.

He argued that a Soledad-Kattya or Kattya-Soledad badge will represent the desire of many young people who want to enter politics.

“They are healthy, hard-working and efficient people. It represents the ideal we want for national politics. The issue of charges is not defined but the idea is to work together”, he stated.

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