Apple shares lose on the stock market on the eve of the start of sales of its new iPhone in the US

Apple shares lose on the stock market on the eve of the start of sales of its new iPhone in the US

The actions of Manzana fall in this Thursday’s session on Wall Street, one day before its new models, iPhone 1414 Pro and 14 Pro Max, will go on sale in the United States.

The station’s papers lose 1.90% on Nasdaq, to trade at $152.36 each. This fall is almost in line with the behavior of the Nasdaq technology index, which lost 1.34 percent in this Thursday’s session.

So far this year, the shares of the iconic company have cut losses on the United States Stock Market, down 16.25 percent.

For Tun Long and George Wang, analysts at Barclays, the sales of the new iPhone 14 models will be determined by the supply chain, which is much better with the reopening of China and the opening of the main retail stores.

Overall pre-order units are comparable to last year from major e-commerce sites with the most favored Pro models,” the analysts said.

They reported that on the site the total volume of pre-orders was around 3 million units in the first 48 hours of product introductions, comparable to the IP13 cycle, but much better than the IP12 cycle with around 1.5 million units. For their part, the websites Tmall and Pinduoduo, from Alibaba, also showed similar pre-order units vs. the IP13 cycle. “We believe that overall demand and orders are better than expected given the macroeconomic situation in China,” they mentioned.

The Asian country remains a relevant market for Apple, as it represents around 25% of total iPhone sales.

Despite early orders, historic inflation in the United States poses a challenge that could weaken consumer demand, Barclays strategists said.

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