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ANTT updates table of minimum road freight floor

The National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) published today (20) in the Official Diary of the Union a table with the new minimum road freight prices. The update brings an average readjustment that varies between 8.35% and 13.19%, depending on the type of load, number of axles and whether the transport operation is characterized as high performance.ANTT updates table of minimum road freight floor

According to regulatory agency resolution, the revision of values ​​prioritized marketing parameters and other non-operational inputs, such as the price of diesel (S10); the salary of drivers (variable used to measure the cost of labor); the price of the tire; between others.

The values ​​were readjusted based on the Extended Consumer Price Index (IPCA), base date of November 2022.

In the case of road transport of cargo capacity, the readjustment was 13.19%; for contracting only the automotive cargo vehicle, the table was readjusted by 12.26%; for high-performance road freight transport, the value was updated by 10.08%; the contraction of only the high-performance cargo vehicle had an update of 8.35%.

It is up to ANTT to elaborate the methodology to be applied in the calculation of the table with the minimum floors of freight referring to the kilometer traveled in carrying out freight, per loaded axle, for different types of cargo (general, bulk, refrigerated, dangerous and neo-bulk).

The legislation that established the table for the minimum level of road freight also determines that it be updated every six months, and must occur by January 20th and July 20th of each year or whenever there is a fluctuation of more than 10% in the price of diesel oil.

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