Antonio Almonte destaca importancia de los sectores energético y minero

Antonio Almonte highlights the importance of the energy and mining sectors

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) commemorated its ninth anniversary with the celebration of several activities, led by its owner, engineer Antonio Almonteas well as officials from the institution and the electricity sector.

The activities began with the hoisting of the National Flag in the institution (at its headquarters av. Independencia-antigua (CDEEE); at 09:00 am the father Nelson Clark officiated a Mass of Thanksgiving at the Primada Cathedral of America and, later, a floral offering was placed on the Altar of the Fatherland.

Almonte stressed that The Ministry of Energy and Mines has two basic wings for the country’s economic development: energy and mining, arguing that these two sectors are significant for the nation’s social and economic growth.

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“That is why we say that we are proud to belong to a ministry that is not just another entity. of Condition Dominican, but it is a institution that every day becomes a public space in the daily and future life of the country, since all economic and social activities depend on a good electrical service”, he stated.

In mining, the minister said that the Dominican Republic is an island with great possibility of becoming an important pole in Latin America and the world in terms of mining production and marketing of different types, thus generating foreign exchange for the national economy.

“The Dominican Republic has been showing that its mining potential is greater than what is currently known,” he said.

He argued that the ministry, since it was created less than a decade ago, is in a process of institutional construction, organizational and regulatory, to continue strengthening the electricity and mining sectors.

Together with the minister participated of the acts the deputy ministers Walkiria Caamaño, Alfonso Rodríguez and Miguel Díaz, accompanied directors of areas, advisers, technicians and Roland Muñoz, Mining Director of the MEM.

The director of the International Agency for United States for Development (USAID), Ms. Rebecca Latorracarepresentatives of the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as the director of the National Energy Commission (CNE), Edward Veras and the administrator of the Dominican Electricity Transmission Company (ETED), Martín Robles, among other representatives of the sector.

On his side, the father Nelson Clark, while blessing and congratulating engineer Almonte on the anniversary of the MEM, took advantage of the occasion to urge the officials of this institution to continue formulating and developing public policies to normalize the energy service.

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At the end of the liturgical act, Almonte, accompanied by deputy ministers and his main collaborators, deposited a floral offering on the Altar de la Patria, where he highlighted the historical role of the Fathers of the Nation in the consolidation of a free and independent nation.

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