Anti-Corruption Police Secure Altum Facilities

The National Police Against Corruption (PNCC) executed on Monday an order to “insure” the facilities where the Altum conceptual restaurant briefly operated.

This is how he reviewed it on Twitter portal La Tabla, detailing that the business owner, Nelsy Blanco Gil, would allegedly be related to businessman Rafael Hernández Quintero, one of those prosecuted for the Pdvsa-Crypto corruption plot.

It should be noted that Hernández Quintero has an arrest warrant, but has not yet been captured, as reported to Last News judicial sources linked to the investigation.

Asset seizure is a precautionary measure whose purpose is to preserve assets related to a crime. “The execution of the measure carried out by the PNCC guides us to the fact that the ALTUM crane is an asset related to an act of corruption,” highlights a post on the portal The board.

Hernández Quintero, according to La Tabla “was identified as the front man for Joselit Ramírez, leader of the gang that embezzled Sunacrip, and was also part of the restaurant business,” the post reads.

The Altum diners, which rose 50 meters high and offered dishes for up to more than $140, opened in December 2022 and only continued its operations until the end of April of this year.

On that date Nelsy Blanco Gil, also the owner of Buono Restaurant located in Altamira, announced the closure of the business, alleging that people were “afraid of heights” so the business had little influx.

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