Antanas Mockus reappeared with a hug to Gustavo Petro in the middle of his speech

Antanas Mockus reappeared with a hug to Gustavo Petro in the middle of his speech

Gustavo Petro, who this Sunday, June 19, was elected as president-elect of Colombia, sent a union speech mentioning many of his proposals, after having achieved 11,281,002 votes, which meant 50.44% of the pre-count.

However, in the middle of his words, Petro had a great gesture with one of the people who showed him their support, and who many years ago, Due to health issues, he did not reappear before the media and was the former candidate and senator Antanas Mockus.

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The first thing that Petro did at the time of going up to the stage, was to call to the front to Antanas Mockus, who, in recent days through his Twitter account, showed his support for the former mayor of Bogotá.

Within the same social network, the militant of the Green Party, made several publications in which he celebrated the victory of Gustavo Petrowhich served so that in his speech he faced on the platform, where he proceeded to thank him for his support in this electoral process.

At that time and wearing a big smile with a handshake, Mockus was very happy, and although he did not mention anything, the only thing he did was hug the new President of the Republic.

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In that sense, social networks also spoke about it, in which many Internet users stated that this was one of the unions they had been waiting for a long time, especially for what has been the political career of Antanas Mockus and also highlighted the recognition of Petro.

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